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Worldwide Internet 

Enterprises insist on guaranteed connectivity and assured performance, that's why Blue Planet only offer the very best Internet connectivity 

Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet

Cost-effective and highly available connectivity, delivered using a variety of technology types such as DSL and Cable  . Learn more...

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet

Guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical speeds means the same speed for both upload and download  Learn more...

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

Offered globally, wireless Internet provides a fast and cost-effective connectivity solution using various connectivity types. 

Broadband Internet Access Types

Our fixed line Broadband Internet is available as 4 types

Internet Connectivity

Dedicated Internet Access

Guaranteed and High Performance Connectivity

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service is an uncontended and resilient high-bandwidth Internet Access product available in many metropolitan areas.

DIA High Performance

Our DIA service provides fully uncontended and symmetrical Internet connectivity for demanding Business Applications. Utilising Fibre Optic or Copper Ethernet connectivity we can guarantee the speed, latency and performance of your Internet Service

Speeds up to 10Gbps

With connection speeds up to 10Gbps our DIA service offers higher bandwidth Internet connectivity than our Broadband service, suiting any Business Application requirement. DIA is perfect for large premises or Datacentre connectivity.


The DIA service is monitored around the clock, our network operations centre constantly verifying service quality and availability. Capturing and analysing historical operational data enables Blue Planet to offer industry leading service level guarantees based on actual carrier and service performance, by service type and by region.

High Bandwidth Internet Access

Burstable Bandwidth Options

We offer burstable service options – such as a 10Mbps connection that can “burst” to 100Mbps – offering you automatic scalability that accommodates the sometimes unpredictable demand.

DIA Static or BGP routing

With DIA, you can choose whether to provide your own IP addresses or receive them from the Service Provider. These addresses can be routed statically or through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

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